Design Review Committee

The Ski Ranches DRC meets every third Wednesday of the month. We’re always available to guide owners and their contractors through the design and application process. Whether you’re considering a new fence, tree work or a large or small project, there’s a very good chance you need to go through our quick application process. Please see below links for more info and trust that the DRC’s goal is to get you started on whatever project you’re considering as soon as possible. Feel free to contact Peter McGinty, DRC administrator or James Caruso, DRC Chair, with further questions.



These Regulations apply to all buildings and improvements on any Telluride Ski Ranches lot, including but not necessarily limited to, the placement, installation, construction, renovation, expansion, refinishing, change or removal of any of the following:

For questions about the DRC and Project Planning at Ski Ranches please contact DRC Administrator Peter McGinty at or call/text 970-708-3000

The specific objectives of the Ski Ranches Design and Property Review Committee are to:

The Ski Ranches DRC does not wish to dictate design or restrict individual preferences. It intends only to preserve the natural beauty of the Ski Ranches subdivision and to reasonably minimize the impacts of houses and other improvements, and the construction process, on the community.

The DRC will look primarily to location of the house and other improvements, architectural design, and the re-vegetation of the landscape, in that the landscape plans address the re- vegetation of the disturbed portions of the site and minimize the impacts of construction.

These DRC Regulations provide a guideline for owners and the DRC to adhere to in all aspects of design, construction and improvements. Covenants, conditions and restrictions that apply to all owners are recorded in Articles 5 & 6 of The Second Amended & Restated Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (“Declaration”), filed 09/03/2009 with San Miguel County Clerk-Recorder, Reception #408676, and available for viewing on our website ( or by request from TSRA. Covenants are enforceable by the TSRA Board of Directors, an individual homeowner and in some cases by the DRC. In case of conflict between these DRC Regulations and the Declaration, the Declaration shall control.



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Usually held on the 3th Wednesday of each month although subject to change. Next meetings scheduled - to be confirmed based on applications received:
Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. MDT - TREC Office - Mountain Village
To be held at:
TREC Mountain Village Meeting Room
567 Mountain Village Boulevard, Suite 106 A, Mountain Village
Office located ground level at the Franz Klammer ‘breezeway’