Design Review Committee

The Ski Ranches DRPC meets every third Monday of the month. It is the DRPC’s job to coordinate communication and minimize impact amongst Ski Ranches owners related to home and property maintenance and construction projects. Whether you’re considering interior or exterior renovations, building a dog fence, general home maintenance, tree removal, new construction, additions or any project large or small, you need to contact the DPRC and go through our quick application process before proceeding with any project. You will likely need to contact your adjacent neighbors, possibly pay some fees, and perhaps attend one or two DRPC monthly meetings to have your project reviewed and approved. To find out whether your plans are subject to DRPC review and what you may need to do to receive approval for your plans, start by completing the New Project Form (link below) and/or contact our Ski Ranches DRPC Administrator Peter McGinty at or 970-708-3000.

***NOTE: Summer 2022: The DRPC supports the work of the Ski Ranches Fire Mitigation Committee and their recommendations issued in the latest MEMO dated 5/2022. Please Contact the DRPC Administrator with any questions or assistance regarding tree removal.

9 STEPS For DRPC Notification, Approval and Completion of Your Plans

1. Complete the New Project Form (link) - with details describing your

plans, provide contact information for you and your contractors, and estimated dates for start and completion of your project.

2. DRPC Admin Will Follow Up - with details regarding additional information/documentation needed including construction mitigation plan, neighbors you need to notify, fees you may need to pay, and meetings you may need to attend.

a. There are 3 Classes of Projects

i. DRPC Admin and Chair Review/Approve

ii. One Step DRPC Committee Review (One Monthly Meeting)

iii. Two Step DRPC Committee Review (Two Monthly Meetings)

b. Application Fee Invoice Issued

3. DRPC Meeting Review- if required (Class 2 and Class 3)

4. DRPC 2nd Meeting Review- if required (Class 3)

5. DRPC Approval Pendin- Invoice for Monitoring, Road Impact Fee, and Performance Bond issued)

6. DRPC Approval Granted- Fees and Bond Paid, Approval Letter from HOA Issued, Copy of County Building Permits provided to DRPC Admin.

7. Project Commences - Project start date and completion date subject to DRPC Regulations. Project to be conducted according to Approved Plans, safe and orderly Worksite to be maintained, neighbors and HOA to be kept informed of any changes, concerns, or irregularities. DRPC Admin to monitor.

8. Project Completed - Project finished according to approved plans, neighborhood impacts ameliorated, County issues Certificate of Occupancy/Completion, DRPC Admin Inspects site and cleanup

9. Performance Bond Refunded/Project Complete - less any amount required for mitigation of project impacts per DRPC Regulations.


DRPC Application Fees, Review and Approval Process are as follows

For Review and Approval Process
Class Approved by Fee
Class 1  Admin  $200
Class 2   DRPC - 1-Step  $500
Class 3  DRPC - 2-Step  $1,500
For Project Extensions or Revised Projects
Class Approved by Fee
Class 1  Admin  $100
Class 2   DRPC - 1-Step  $250
Class 3  DRPC - 2-Step  $500
For Monitoring the Construction Process
Timeframe from project commencement Work needed Fee (paid up-front in full)
Less than 1 mo. 2 - 4 visits + releases   $200
1 mo. - 3 mo. 3 - 8 visits + releases  $400
3 mo. - 9 mo. 5 - 10 visits + releases  $800
 9 mo. - 18 mo.  8 - 12 visits + releases  $1,200




Minutes from Archive


Usually held on the 3th Wednesday of each month although subject to change. Next meetings scheduled - to be confirmed based on applications received:
Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. MDT - TREC Office - Mountain Village
To be held at:
TREC Mountain Village Meeting Room
567 Mountain Village Boulevard, Suite 106 A, Mountain Village
Office located ground level at the Franz Klammer ‘breezeway’